Iran Vietnam Travel Company Limited was established in April 2015, is the representative office of Iran in Vietnam. Specializing in representing importers of industrial oils (base oil, plasticizers, RPO, asphalt …) for businesses in Vietnam. And exports of agricultural products of Vietnam to Iran such as black pepper, cashew, coffee, tea … Also special tours Iran – Vietnam, Vietnam – Iran, Vietnam – Combodia – Laos …. and visa services (arrival on visa)

With a presence in 7 countries in the world, together with a team of dynamic professionals will bring to customers absolute satisfaction in quality and reasonable price.

The strength of our company is having a direct office in Iran that directly represents the world famous oil brands as well as representing the well-known brands of agricultural exports from Vietnam. foreign. Thanks to these advantages, we have lowered the price and still ensured the quality of products imported and exported to bring absolute satisfaction to customers.

In addition to satisfying the entertainment needs of people we always organize tours Iran – Vietnam – Combodia – Laos to serve you, after the trip to the new land customers will be air I go to the culture of each country where I come and will be really satisfied by the quality as well as the price.

Core values:
With the business philosophy of "Prestige Building Success" We share the same respect and realization of core values:

Prestige: Just keep your commitment to customers, shareholders, employees and communities, the new company exists and grows.
Exceptional: We are always looking for and making a difference in each product or service versus our competitors.
Diversity: We always make our business operations flexible and the risks of the business are dispersed.
Friendly: Iran Vietnam strives to be a friendly business environment, linking friendship between two countries Iran – Vietnam in the international business school.